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Richard C. Bailey Art

Welcome to the Richard C. Bailey Art Gallery. I hope you enjoy viewing the art here. I currently have artwork on display at several galleries around the country. Check out the links provided in the side panel.

My artistic journey began with an interest in art museums throughout the world and studying artists of every genre. My personal artistic efforts began with photography and soon turned to painting. I have experimented with acrylics, oils, and even latex paint for a variety of effects. Nature has been my main source of inspiration. My artwork has evolved from abstract to more impressionistic works with the one constant being the use of vivid color and texture.

Artist's Statement:

Depicting imaginary landscapes with colors, texture, and movement gives me pause to reflect on youthful exploring. Treading on cross-bedded sandstone formed from ancient dunes that were uplifted in tumultuous action, eroded and exposed, the geological formations often studied from altitude. While painting, I recall exploring the rugged western environment, and studying geological formations from the cockpit; imagining the forces required to expose my hiking trails. I apply paint in horizontal patterns, reflecting the layering of sedimentary rock; then cause the vertical lifting and the violent development of the landscape.

A New York critic wrote: "Bailey draws the spectator into a dynamic viewing experience where one not only sees the discernible beauty in nature, but feels the impact upon its illumination. ... There is a strong feeling of texture which emphasizes the inspiration of nature as there is a presence of sand, water and wind rather than oil upon the canvas."

Mystic Landscapes